Reyshawn Terry vs Billy Packer

March 25, 2007
By genefoto

Billy packer can get on many an ACC fan’s nerves. Chris Clark at 850 the Buzz posts the following about Packer’s assessment of UNC’s Reyshawn Terry -

REyshawn TerryTerry’s play has won over many of his detractors, but not CBS commentator Billy Packer:

In an interview this week with New York’s WFAN radio, Packer called Terry soft.

“Terry, in my estimation, has always played soft,” Packer said. He later added: “There are some guys that know how to play hurt and there are some guys that don’t.”

I dunno…4-for-6 in five minutes is pretty good. But then why not just let Reyshawn Terry respond to Packer’s comments himself?

“Anyone who thinks I’m soft doesn’t know s— about basketball. He has his opinion,” Terry said of Packer. “Billy Packer has been around the game long enough to know better. Soft? That’s foolish. It’s offensive to be called that. I try not to let that sort of stuff bother me but I will say that if Billy Packer played in my day, I would bust his ass. It would be a massacre.” 

Read the rest at Reyshawn Terry Will Bust Your Ass

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