Sweet 16 – Last Will and Testament

March 25, 2008
By genefoto

From a Sports Illustrated story we pulled a few items of local interest

Parting gifts for all 16 remaining tourney teams

By Eric Horowitz

You know those “Last Will and Testament” things they do in high school yearbooks? Before the unsweet 48 went home, they got together and bequeathed a bunch of helpful stuff to the 16 remaining teams. This is their official statement:

• To North Carolina, we leave a time machine so they may go back to Friday or Sunday and practice playing real defense. Louisville or UCLA won’t let UNC run on them like that. And when the Tar Heels need their defense, the defensive intensity won’t be there.

• To the Davidson Wildcats, we leave a vial of Dell Curry‘s frozen sperm, so in future years the basketball program can churn out a never-ending stream of Curry offspring.

• To Kansas, we leave a tape of North Carolina’s win over Arkansas. The Jayhawks shouldn’t look ahead … but it might not be a bad idea to watch a little UNC.

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